Dog lyme disease symptoms

Lyme disease is a major concern for most dog owner who live in the area where ticks is present. However not all ticks carry the bacteria that causes lyme disease and it takes up to 2 days before the disease can be spread to dogs.

Deer ticks are the types of parasites that carry Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria which causes lyme disease in dogs and humans. These ticks are highly contagious as it can move from one animals to the other nearby animals.

In order to prevent your dog from getting lyme disease you should follow the steps below:

1) Keep your dog away from the area where there is ticks such as garden and backyard.

2) Examine your dog regularly and remove tick from your dog as quick as possible whenever you see one.

3) Use effective flea prevention and control products.

If all this fail then you must talk to your veterinarian immediately because lyme disease in dog can develop really quick and it only take a few days to show the first illness symptoms.

Dog lyme disease symptoms

From the symptoms above if you are sure that your dog has lyme disease then take your dog to your vet as soon as possible because lyme disease in dog progress very quick and it can cause permanently nerve damage and recurring joint pain. This disease can also cause heart problems and chronic lyme disease if left untreated.