Great dog names

When I brought Daisy home, she had already been named by the shelter that had rescued her. But as I got to know her, I realized that there really are great dog names that really mean something about the dog. Some of the best dog names I have heard tell a lot about the dog, but they also say a lot about the dog’s owners.

If I had the opportunity to name my Daisy, I would have called her Rascal. OK it’s not the most feminine name I could choose for my female dog, but it would fit her. She is a terrier mix, and that should tell you all you need to know. She is a rambunctious dog with an impish streak, and she gets herself into all kinds of trouble and then looks at me with the biggest smile on her face to try to stay out of trouble. Rascal fits her much better than Daisy. But her name will remain Daisy.

If the dog you are thinking about bringing into your home doesn’t already have a name, you will want to think about the names you might choose. You may choose something ironic, like the name Bruiser for a Chihuahua, or Tiny for your Great Dane. Those names tell people more about you than they do the dog, but your dog needs to become part of your world.

People may respond positively negatively to your choice of names for your dog. An aggressive name like Butch or Killer may cause people to shy away from what may very well be a nice, loving dog. On the other hand, a name like Buddy may cause children to draw near to a dog that is too aggressive. Let your name choice reflect something about your dog. Naming your Pit Bull Butch might be a more appropriate name than Buddy.

There are names that carry with them certain expectations or characteristics. For example, when I hear the name Ginger for a dog, I think of a small dog, usually a Cocker Spaniel or similar breed. She is usually bubbly and wants to be right in the middle of whatever the people around her are doing. Another popular dog name is Bear. I always attribute that name to a larger breed with long fur, like a Retriever or a Chow. I have a picture in my head of Bear being the dog that lays his head on your shoulder as if giving you a hug when you pet him!

Some people name their dogs because the meaning of the name has significance. Sam is a popular name for dogs. It can be short for Samantha for female dogs, and it means the listener. Max is also another popular dog name. It can be short for Maxwell or Maxine, and it means the greatest in Latin. While wasn’t all that interested in what names mean, some people have a real interest in the meaning of the right name for their dogs.

Whether your dog is a Bruiser, a Tiny, a Daisy, or a Rascal, names are important, both in your relationship with your dog, and in how other people relate to you and your dog. If you have a hard time coming up with a name, don’t feel like you have to give him a name the day you bring him home. It’s not like bringing your newborn child home from the hospital. You can bring your dog home without having yet picked a name!

Choose a name that is reflective of your dog’s character. Use a name that is descriptive of his breed or his physical characteristics. If none of those names appeal to you, watch how your puppy behaves as you let him settle into his new home. As you watch him, you will settle on a name that fits his personality.

There are so many great dog names! Choose one that fits you, your family, and your dog. Whether you choose a great dog name based on your dog’s appearance, his breed, or his personality, you will be glad you gave significant thought to the name he will have for the rest of his life!