Beagle, the scent hound

Do you like beagles? Heck, you may even possess one. Are you aware that like all hounds, they are fond of pursuing things that catch their attention?

It is widely recognized that Beagles are an excellent breed for families. Nowadays, they are possessed and raised by many families simply because beagle dogs are great companions, even for children.

Beagle Origins

Beagle dogs originated from a crossbreed of the popular Harrier dogs and many other hound breeds found in England. Beagles were developed for one particular purpose – to use them for hunting. The early breeders of beagles were fortunate that they turned out to be active and effective for hunting quail, hares and pheasants. They hunt using their scents, which is why beagle dogs are referred to as the “Scent Hound.”

Beagle Appearance

Similar to other hounds, beagle dogs have a coat of medium length that covers and safeguards their bodies from harmful elements in the environment. This medium length coat makes beagles easy to groom. However, the hairs of beagles are hard and not silky or soft. They lie close to the body of this scent hound, making the breed resemble a small-sized English foxhound.

Personality and Disposition

As previously mentioned, beagle dogs are amiable creatures. They enjoy socializing and participating in family gatherings and have high levels of energy and temperament. They adapt to various lifestyles and environments, and they make excellent companions for children. However, all of these attributes can only be seen positively if beagle dogs are trained properly. Without proper socialization, beagles tend to lose interest and follow something that captures their attention. This is where obedience training for beagle dogs is crucial.

Proper Care

Being fun-loving and family-oriented, beagle dogs need proper care. They require daily brushing and even a bath to remove dirt, loose hair, and dust that clings to their bodies. Beagles’ ears should be cleaned regularly, as this scent hound has a strong tendency to develop ear infections and pains. Beagles also require regular nail trimming.