Long hair chihuahuas vs other chihuahuas

Basically, there are only two types of Chihuahuas: longhair Vs short hair. You might have noticed several different terms like “teacup”, “apple head”, “deer head” and “toy” that are used to label these Chihuahuas. However, these terms are not officially recognized by major canine organizations like AKC or UKC. When you compare long hair Chihuahuas vs. other Chihuahuas, there is actually not much difference. The only thing that differs is the kind of fur that they have.

Long hair Chihuahuas as the name suggests, have long fur. This is the reason why most people find long hair Chihuahuas more appealing. They are nicer to look at compared to the shorthair Chihuahuas. While most longhair breeds require a lot of grooming, the long hair Chihuahuas does not. As the matter of fact, just give it a little brush and it is good to go.

The Long Hair Chihuahua would definitely require slightly more attention in order to maintain its glossy fur. Remember to brush through its coat with a bristle brush and comb it to remove the tangles. After bathing, blow-dry the coat and brush the hair simultaneously. After which, you can choose to make the necessary trimmings to the fur.

Just a quick tip: Make sure that your long hair Chihuahua fur is soft and slightly curly with an undercoat. There should be feathering on legs and feet. A large ruff would give it a nice look. The Chihuahua’s tail should be full and long too.

Short hair Chihuahuas are generally easier to take care of. It requires very little grooming. Just brush it several times a week with a rubber slicker or grooming glove. The fur should feel soft and glossy.

As aforementioned, other than the kind of fur that they have, they are more or less similar to one another.

All Chihuahuas in general are very affectionate creatures. They are very loyal and protective of their owners. Because of this, it can be pretty jealous in the presence of other dogs.

As such, it is important that all Chihuahuas, both long hair and short hair have dog training in order to help them socialize better. This would allow them to be more comfortable with the people around them and hence they will be less aggressive and well liked by everyone.

These dogs are very small such that it makes them ideal home pets. If you are not up to the challenge of getting a big and friendly Labrador as a house pet in your mini apartment, then you might want to consider a Chihuahua instead.

However, both Chihuahuas are very fragile and also prone to diseases. If you have kids at home, it is best not to get a Chihuahua as a pet in fear of hurting it. It is very small as such it tends to go “missing” at times. Be sure that you keep an eye at your Chihuahua at all times to ensure that it is safe and sound.

Long hair or short hair Chihuahua? It is your choice.