Can Dogs Eat Peas

Can Dogs Eat Peas?

Dogs Can eat peas!

You may be wondering if it is safe for your dog to eat peas. Fortunately for you and your dog, the answer is yes! Peas are full of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Peas are good for your dog’s immune system and help against free radical damage. If your dog is struggling with their weight, peas can be a good addition to their diet because their dietary fibers helps make dogs feel full faster; reducing how much food they want to eat. Though there is nothing to suggest peas are harmful for pets, as with anything give in limited amounts at first to ensure peas are not something your pet has an allergy or other sensitivity to.

Peas are full of potassium, thiamin, phosphorous and many other nutrients. They are safe to give to a dog frozen, or thawed. You can give it to them as a treat, or add it to their regular food.

Though you can give a dog raw, or cooked peas, the better choice is cooked as they are easier to digest. Fresh peas are always the best choice as they are no preservatives or sodium, so always choose them over frozen or canned if you have the choice.