Puppy’s Correction Training

The training is to correct puppy’s random biting, prohibit it from picking the food anywhere and eating food which the stranger gives.

1. Train your puppy not to pick the food anywhere

Put the food in an obvious place. If your puppy approaches and wants to east, you can threaten it immediately and tug the leash to prohibit it. When your puppy stops, you can reward it. It will be better to train repeatedly.

2. Train your puppy not to eat the food which the stranger gives

When training, you can ask a helper to give your puppy food. If it is going to eat, you can say “not” to it and reprimand it immediately. Gradually, your puppy will form defensive awareness. It will naturally refuse food which the stranger gives.

3. Forbid the puppy to bite people and livestock

Take your puppy to the place where there are people or livestock. Let it play freely, but you must fix your eyes on its movements closely. When it is inclined to bite people or livestock, you should immediately order it to stop and threaten it with tugging the leash. After it stops its wrong behavior, you can praise it. You should train it until you don’t need the leash.

4. Prohibit the puppy to catch the thing which others throw

Let your helper throw the thing first. If your puppy wants to hold it, you must prevent it. Then let another helper repeat the above method. If the puppy still wants to catch the thing, you should also stop it by tugging the leash and reprimanding it. After several times training, the puppy will no longer catch the thing which others throw.