Train Your Puppy to Sleep in the Cradle

Now many people suggest using the cradle. As long as your puppy has the opportunity to contact with outside world and doesn’t stay in the cradle for the whole day, both you and your pet will feel convenient and easy in life.

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What are the advantages of training the puppy to sleep in the cradle?

1. Easy to train the puppy not to defecate indiscriminately

Dogs, even the puppies are inclined to refrain themselves from urinating and defecating in the place where they eat and sleep. If you can often take your puppy to outside, it will quickly learn to avoid dirtying its cradle.

2. Once your puppy is familiar with the cradle, you can use it at any time you need

For example, some high hotels allow their guests to carry their pet, thus you can put your puppy into the cradle and leave it alone.

3. The cradle can prevent many destructive behaviors

However, if your puppy feels anxious about thunderstorm or can’t endure separation, cage rearing for it may be depressed, or even dangerous.

4. Convenient to carry your puppy

When your puppy grows up gradually, you may take it to your office or living room and rest calmly. Your puppy will also feel satisfied. Besides, cage rearing provides your puppy with a house which can prevent it from being disturbed by kids or thunderstorm.