Find great dog names for male dogs and puppies

If you have just brought a new male dog into your home, there is a good chance that you have a lot on your plate, but before too much time passes, you will want to think about naming him.

There are plenty of naming suggestions out there for dogs, and if you stick with a few simple rules, it will help you narrow down the name choices some. Remember that you should always think about keeping the name short and clear, so that your dog can easily figure out who you are talking to. One and two syllable names work best. Try and find names that don’t rhyme with a common command, like “stay,” “no,” or “sit.”

When you are considering great names for your male dog, you’ll find that titles tend to do quite well. We’ve all known plenty of dogs named King or Duke, and even Prez, but you’ll find that you are in a definite minority if you decide to name your dog Representative or Senator. Keep it short and try calling it out the back door to see how many odd looks you get.

You can also take a look at names that have a mythological background. Take a look at the heroes and kings in the old stories and see if you feel inspired. A particularly bright dog might easily take on the name Merlin, while one that seems a little underwhelming in the brains department might make a good Ivan, after the Simple Ivan of the Russian stories. Think about the myths that you loved as a kid and figure out if there are any stories that remind you of your own new puppy.

When you are looking around for names, you can always take a look at names that come from different countries. For instance, you might choose a Russian dog name for a dog that is a Russian wolfhound mix, like Semyon or Sergei, or if you have an adorable shiba inu, you can choose as Japanese name, like Akira or Shinji. We know a Shiba named Tofu. Don’t be afraid to roam far abroad for your dog’s name. Similarly, always ask before you name your puppy after a family member or friend. In some cultures, where small children aren’t even supposed to be named after family members, how much worse do you think it’ll be if you name a dog after them?

When considering the names for your male dog, remember that he will grow up. While Scraps might be a great name for a small playful puppy, keep in mind that that small puppy can easily grow up to be a dog that weights upwards of sixty pounds. Think about your dog’s ancestry and think about how he might look when he is grown.

When you are considering a name for your new male dog, find one that suits him and try it out for a few days. You’ll may find that there’s some trial and error involved, but you’ll be happy you took the trouble when you find the right name!