How can poodles become watchdogs

Can you imagine how fun it is to make your poodle become a good watchdog? Or how can they become watchdogs? Poodles can become watchful companions at home if properly trained and socialized, considering that they are one of the most intelligent breed of dogs. They were bred to work closely with humans as water retriever, as herder, hunter and even as guardian, too.

Poodles are trainable and have that overwhelming desire to please its owner and can be very efficient watchdogs if properly trained.Their ability to sense new things, easily adjust to surroundings and extreme alertness make them qualified candidates for being watchdogs.

This dog breed’s enhanced sensitivity make them easily detect when something is wrong and passes this sensation to the owner. They are also susceptible to barking especially in certain situations wherein new and unusual activities around the house and yard are happening.

Poodles are also excessively territorial dogs; fierce to any unrecognized individuals that approach their homes. They are able to tell who are strangers and will never be silent about it. If not properly trained, these barkings can become a nuisance that can mess up the whole household.

In order to avoid this unpleasant situation, a consistent, firm, and positive training is needed to make sure the dog knows the proper time to bark. Too harsh punishment must be avoided on Poodles for they are very sensitive and have the tendency to develop neurotic behavior. Rewards are also commendable if the dog has satisfied the owner with his alert behavior.

Poodles are very eager to please their owners and will repeat any behavior that gets a positive response. They also love to bond with the family members and those bonds are strong and long-lasting. They are very loving pets, pour out their affection for the whole family and animals they have grown up with.

Having those guardian qualities, Poodles have that very strong sense of protectiveness towards their owners. A female poodle is more protective compared to the male due to her maternal instincts. Although very protective, they are less aggressive that other dogs that make them lenient to strangers soemtimes. But the good side of it is that because of this less-aggressiveness, they are safe family pet and are good around children.