Puppy Training Biting: How To Stop It

When you are puppy training biting is one of the first things that you will want to control. This could be a dangerous behavior as your dog grows because it may turn aggressive, so you need to train your puppy to stop biting. Your dog may end up getting into fights with other dogs and become dangerous to children.

Image source: pexels.com

It’s tempting to laugh and pet the puppy when they nip and consider it as cute behavior. Doing this reinforces the behavior because you’re giving them attention and love which is like rewarding them when they bite you. Because this is the opposite of what you want to do, when the puppy bites you in his or her play, it’s important to stop yourself from acting happy.

Puppy training biting techniques

When it comes puppy training biting techniques, everyone who’s close to the puppy needs to be involved. Your puppy will either not learn or learn slower if he receives different messages from different people in the family. Everyone should understand that they have to stop playing with the puppy when he bites them. At that moment, they should stop giving him attention.

However, there is no point in punishing the puppy for biting. Because nipping is natural when puppies play with each other, this will continue when playing with you or your kids. Understanding that he’s done something wrong is what your young dog will have trouble with.

You can stop playing with your puppy and although this is the most important rule, when you’re establishing good puppy training biting techniques, there’s more that you can do.

When puppies are playing together, they will yelp any time that they are bitten too hard. This will stop the other puppy from biting them. So yelp like his brothers or sisters would have yelped any time your puppy nips your hand or foot. Try to sound as much like a puppy when you do this.

When you do that, your puppy will probably let go so you can move away. You need to immediately stop playing with him. Do not give him any more attention by talking or looking at him, either. Something completely different that doesn’t involve your puppy at all is what you should do. He’ll then learn that you don’t like being bitten and he better not bite you if he wants attention and play.

You do not have to stay away from him for very long. Puppies have a short attention span so everything is very immediate for him. You can go back to him after a few minutes because the consequences of his behavior should happen right away.

Reward the good behavior

Don’t forget to reward the good behavior. Many people forget to reward their dogs when they do something right but they make a point to correct them when they did something wrong. When they behave well, it’s like we take it for granted. But a dog will learn just as much from a reward as from a punishment.

So when you have been playing with him and he has not bitten you at all, give him a reward for that. The most successful form of puppy training biting involves rewards and walking away.