5 simple exercises that you can do with your dog

We all know that as humans we need to exercise to stay healthy, but our pets also need to stay healthy and can be included in your daily exercise routine. One of the most important things to remember when exercising with your dog is to start out slow and build up from there; a little exercise is better then none at all.

1) Walking: Walking is the most common form of exercise for both you and your dog. Try to find a nice park or if you don’t live close to one then take a stroll around your neighborhood. This type of exercise is a good way to start your new routine with your dog. Remember to never take the leash off of your dog especially in high traffic areas.

2) Fetch and Chase: If you live in an area where you can not get out as much; you might want to try playing fetch or chase with your dog. This is a great exercise routine that you can even include in with your other exercises. We all know that after awhile exercise gets monotonous this is a great way to break up your routine. Try playing fetch with a ball and then work your way up to playing Frisbee with your dog. Make sure that when you are playing Frisbee not to throw the Frisbee to high so as not to hurt your dog. The other pro with these types of exercises with your dog is that it not only stimulates them physically, but also mentally and keeps their brains active.

3) Cycling: Cycling is probably going to be one of the most difficult exercises for you to do with your dog. You need to make sure that your dog is well behaved and you might want to check into some special leashes that allow you better control of your dog while cycling. The best area to do this in is an area where there is very little traffic so as not to hurt your dog or yourself.

4) Swimming: If you live in an area with a lake or pond this is a wonderful exercise for both you and your dog to enjoy (just make sure there are no alligators in the pond or lake especially if you live in Florida). Also if you have a swimming pool this is a good way to familiarize your dog with water so they will not get hurt if you are not around. There are products on the market that can be setup in a pool to make it easier for your dogs to get in and out of without hurting themselves.

5) Dog agility training: There are many companies that offer agility training equipment or you can easily create your own obstacle course in your backyard. This type of training will help both you and your dog get physically fit because you will run alongside the dog to make sure that he/she stays on the course track.

As with any exercise routine make sure you not only get your doctor’s ok, but also your veterinarian’s approval. Also talk to your veterinarian to find out what type of exercise is best for the age, breed and physical condition of your best friend.