Weather and needs of your pets

The weather is changing and so are our pets needs. Although our pets are getting their winter coats they will still need special precautions when it comes to the colder temperatures. Consider your pets age. Many people say their dogs will be fine in very cold weather because they have always been in the cold weather each year. They then proceed to tell me how much their dogs have endured from snow piles on their backs as they slept to ice on their whiskers and chins. They say this as if this is an accomplishment that their dogs can survive such extremes. The fact is, just like us, when we age the more extreme temperatures are much more difficult to endure. This is not to say that any age animal can with stand extreme conditions and not pay a price. You need to take precautions for your pets so they can be comfortable through the difficult temperatures just as we do our selves. There are things you can do such as making certain their dog house is not facing into the wind. Make certain your pet can get out of the bone chilling wind some where. We have seen people cover their dog houses with plastic so the winds will not creep in through cracks. If it is a shallow dog house your pet has then make certain there is enough coverage that they do not get wet because there is not enough space to get back from the door. Also make certain your pet has enough to eat in the winter. Being able to bulk up a bit for the cooler months helps to keep them warmer. If at all possible when the weather is unforgiving we should bring our pets into a warmer place. No one likes to shake in the cold weather and feel the pain that comes from the cold. As you run in from your warm car to your warm home we have to think about our pets needs for warmth as well. Doggie doors are a huge way for working pet owners to be able to let they pet come in and out while they are at work. Even if it leads to the garage or the mud room and not the entire home.

The fact is many people feel that cats can fend for themselves when it comes to the cold. They are better at getting into warmer places and having the ability to explore for warmer retreats then dogs are. They can jump and climb which gives them the advantage to find more hiding places but it also opens them to more dangers. In their need to stay warm many cats are found under car engines and inside of them. This is a life taking mistake for a cat seeking warmth. We often see cats on the hoods of cars to stay warm and garage doors opened slightly so cats can have a warm retreat. As animals sleep their body temperatures lower which makes them more susceptible to the cold. That is why they have to have a place to be warm so they can sleep. Since cats sleep often during the day having a safe place that is warm is vital for their comfort. Providing your cat with a cat door can give them all the fun they need out doors as well as a soft and warm place indoors to sleep on their favorite sunny windowsill when they need it.