Are your yorkie dogs shy and timid

Having toy dogs, such as Yorkie dogs, as pets is a joy to most dog owners and their family members. But what if you happen to own a shy and timid one? Will you still be happy? This fear-based behavioral characteristic is most common to toy dog breeds. However, facts show that for every litter, there is at least one puppy that will need to be treated a bit different than the rest of the puppies because of this behavior.

When this behavior continues, these shy puppies may grow up as extremely needy and may always look towards their owners for support in almost every situation they come across. And when this behavior becomes a habit, your dog may start to initiate aggression if he is not getting the soothing attention needed. This behavior could be labeled as aggression induced by fear.

While you to caress and soothe your Yorkie puppy every time he is showing the feeling of extreme shyness and frightened, you are not helping him after all, instead you are just reinforcing the behavior. You might find it hard and heart breaking to ignore your puppy when he is shy and scared, but ignoring him is one of the ways to help him change his behavior and help him become bold and social animal with acceptable behaviors.

Patience is virtue, as what many people always say. Yorkie dogs that are shy and timid must be handled patiently when you really want to help them adjust. Do not hasten in changing your dog in becoming a social animal. Behaviors that he is used to do when scared will need to be stopped. These behaviors include barking while hiding behind your legs when startled and darting away whenever seeing a normal part of the outside, like a person walking.

Below are some helpful tips to make your puppy become less shy:

1. Explain to your family and friends the situation of your puppy. Let them understand that ignoring his fear-induced barking or crying is just your way of helping him overcome fear and shyness. . Up to this point your dog has acted out of fear whenever someone approaches and when these people naturally stop the approach; your dog has learned that this behavior works in him favor. However, from now on your dog will start to understand that fear-induced barking will not work anymore so long as your friends and family respect your training wishes.

2. Make sure to keep your puppy secured by a lead every time you are expecting visitors to arrive at the house. If possible, take your dog with you at all times especially as you approach the guests. What makes it different is that when he starts crying, barking or hiding behind your legs, you will now act in a confident matter and without petting or soothing him. This technique will help Yorkie dogs become braver at the same time teaching him that his old behavior will not work anymore.