The four main types of dog food for your labrador retriever

Canned Dog Food

This type of dog food is often very expensive, especially if you’re trying to feed a large Labrador Retriever with small cans of food. Canned dog food also contains up to 75% water which means your dog will only be receiving 25% meat, and the meat is definitely not the choice cuts of meat, it is usually the scraps blended up. Canned dog food is best used when your dog is having digestive problems or would just like a little added flavor to their dry dog food.

Semi-Moist Dog Food

Because semi-moist foods taste better than dry dog food and are easier to prepare than canned dog food, many people choose to use this type of food to feed their Labrador retrievers. Semi-moist dog food usually comes in an easy to open container or even in a package that looks like a hamburger patty. This type of food contains a lot less water than canned dog foods but can often been more expensive and contain other preservatives. Some dogs will have an allergic reaction to the variety of preservatives or additives that are in this type of food. You should limit the amount of food your dog eats from this semi-moist dog food category.

Dry Dog Food

Your veterinarian will often recommend the type of dry dog food you should use for your dog. Dry dog food is best used as the base for your dog’s diet, but used alone this type of dog food can become very boring for your pet. The nutritional value of dry dog foods varies greatly so you should be sure to discuss the type of food that is best for your dog with your veterinarian.

Table Scraps As Dog Food

Many people feel like they are giving their dog a treat when they feed them table scraps, but often the scraps are very high in calories, sugar, and fat. A diet of table scraps alone would be very unhealthy for your dog. Labradors need lots of energy and energy comes from the combination of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Too much of any one of these groups can cause health problems for your lab. Use table scraps as an added treat with your dog’s regular dry dog food.