13 good reasons to adopt an adult dog

The obvious advantages of getting an adult dog is that it eliminates the time (and frustration) associated with house breaking it. However, there are many other good reasons.

-An adult dog had an established personality, so you can find one with a personality that matches yours.

– An adult dog will not require as much time and attention as a puppy. -Adopting an adult dog from a shelter ensures they have been spayed or neutered.

-You won’t have to worry about an adult dog creating havoc in your home.

-Most adult dogs will adapt more easily to a schedule.

-An adult dog will not need to be taken out as frequently as a puppy. Adult dogs can often be trained more easily than a puppy.

More to choose from

– There are more adult dogs available for adoption than puppies.

– Depending upon the breed you choose, an adult dog may be more appropriate for children.

– You can leave the dog alone, especially if you work outside the home.

– Most adult dogs have been trained in some form or another, making it easier for them to adapt to new surroundings.

– Since adult dogs are fully checked by a vet, they are more apt to be healthier than puppies.

– An adult dog will bond more quickly with its owner.

– An adult dog may also understand certain commands from the outset.

With the adult dog population on the upsurge, adopting one from a shelter is literally saving a life. While you might want to get a puppy, you may not find as many of them in shelters as you would adult dogs.

The rewards are immeasurable

Adopting an adult dog, taking him home and caring for it is all the dog requires, and the rewards are immeasurable. While the advantages of getting an adult dog are many — as enumerated in this article — the bottom line is that you are not only offering the dog a permanent home, you are giving them it the opportunity to live out its life in a safe and loving environment.