5 things you must know as a dog owner

As a dog owner, you want to be sure that you establish a healthy and happy relationship with your new friend. Understanding how to do that is the key to enjoying your pet. In this article, we will discuss the ten things that you as a dog owner should know. After reading this article, you will have everything you need to start creating the relationship you want with your dog.

First ‘need to know’ – Vet Visits

First of all, you are going to have to visit a veterinarian sometimes. That is a given. Your new dog will need vaccinations, checkups and he might get sick sometimes. Vets cost money and it might be a good idea to check out pet insurance. The cost depends on what procedures or treatment your dog needs. The main thing is to relize that you will have to spend money on your pet. So find out what you can expect to spend every six months on vet bills, vaccinations, flea control products, etc and start saving!

#2 Tip – Who’s The Top Dog?

Dogs do like to pretend to be in charge of everything but the truth is that you are the boss so you have to set rules consistently and enforce them. Dogs are intelligent creatures and are able to follow rules. They are also able to casually break them and pretend not to know better. If you are not strict with them over some misbehavior, they will continue behaving in that way. In some ways, you can treat a dog like a child. Be patient but firm.

Third ‘need to know’ – Routine Is King

Dogs like routines. They like habits and they like things done a certain way. They know what time they get fed, what they are expected to do and when they can expect a walk. Meal times should be consistent and the dog needs to sleep in the same place every night. Even if you find routines dull, your dog finds them comforting.

#4 Tip – Exercise and Food

We require food and exercise and so do our dogs. You should feed your dog healthy food and not too many treats or table scraps. Save those for a special occasion or to reward your dog for something special. Your dog needs exercise to maintain a healthy body and stay free from diseases.

#5 Tip – The Excited Puppy

Watch your puppy, if you have ever had a toddler, you will notice the semblance. For puppies and dogs, everything they can get their mouth on becomes a chew toy. Shoes, clothes, television remotes, electrical cords, and anything that is within their reach becomes a new chew toy. It is important to keep these things out of their reach and teach them that their actual chew toys are the only acceptable chew toys. Be sure that you keep a healthy supply of chew toys available for your dog.