English Springer Spaniel


The cheerful English Springer Spaniel is the progenitor of the English hunting spaniels and the largest of the spaniel dog breeds. These Spaniels make both excellent hunting retrievers and good family dogs. There are two varieties or lines in this breed of dog. The English Springer field line is slightly smaller, has a much shorter coat and can be used for serious hunting. The English Springer show line has a long, thick and silky coat that is weatherproof. Colors can be: black and white; liver and white; or reddish brown and white. Springers are 19 to 20 inches tall at shoulder height and can weigh from 40 to 55 pounds. The English Springer is a member of the American Kennel Club (AKC) Sporting Dog Group.


The English Springer is one of the oldest English retrievers and was the progenitor of all English hunting spaniels. This breed got its name from its duties of flushing or ‘springing’ game for hunters to shoot. The English Springer was ranked 28th out of 154 dog breeds in 2004 AKC registrations.


The English Springer is a happy, playful and sweet tempered dog. This Springer Spaniel is warm and affectionate but has a lot of energy especially when young. Most Springers are wonderful with children but there is some serious aggression and dominance in the breeding history of some lines. To guard against this aggression, all Springers – especially males – should receive early socialization and lots of obedience training. Springers are easy to train and eager to please their masters. Springers usually get along well with other animals but can be wary of strangers. Some Springers can become overly attached and clingy to their human family. These dogs will suffer separation anxiety when left alone. Springers can be trained to be good watchdogs. This breed does well with novice or first-time dog owners.


Springers were bred to be field dogs and have a lot of energy. These dogs need a fair amount of exercise. It should have a yard to play in but it will adapt to apartment living if the Springer is taken for daily long walks.


This breed requires a fair amount of grooming beyond brushing and combing. If the Springer has a heavy coat, it should be trimmed and clipped every two to three months. This breed is a moderate shedder.

Health Considerations:

Springers live approximately 12 years and can suffer from: hip dysplasia, allergies, ear infections and heart problems.

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