Effective dog management

Adding a new dog to your home will bring excitement to your household. Bringing home one will surely give long hours of happy smiles on any kid’s face. And if you are alone, you will surely be happy with the warm companionship that dogs can give.

But our in order to have beautiful relation with your dogs, it is important that they undergo proper dog training to avoid possible problems along the way.

What are the things that are involve in effective dog management? How will you start an effective dog management?

Effective dog management includes potty training, safe confinement, proper feeding and dog obedience training.

These should all be taken care of when you take pooch under your care.

Potty Training

Potty training is one of the basic dogs training that you have to teach your dog. It is recommended that you teach it immediately to puppies so as to let them develop discipline.

But teaching potty training is not easy, as depending on the breed of the dog, it usually takes more than two months for a dog to fully master potty training.

That is why, patience is very important particularly when the dogs have accidents inside your house.

Safe Confinement

Dog crates or cages can be used for safe confinement. You have to maintain their confinement safe as possible and it should be placed that are really safe from too much humid, hot or cold area.

We all know that puppies are very playful and it is advisable that you avoid placing items that they might hurt themselves.

But your dogs should not be placed in crates or cages always. You have to place them in crates depending on their number of months and extending them for long is not advisable.

Like any relation, dogs need freedom to enjoy walking with you or playing with the kids.


Dog training includes proper feeding. It is better that you make scheduled feeding because it has direct impact to potty training.

Though it is hard to avoid cute puffy eyes of your dogs asking for unscheduled food, it still not good in the long run if you developed bad habit of giving unscheduled food as it may also bring negative impact on your dog’s health.

Obedience training

A successful dog management may also require obedience training. As part of dog training, obedience training will bring enjoyment to you and to your dogs. Obedience training may be different to each breed but with focus and commitment on the part of the dog owner, dog trainer and cooperation from the dog itself, will surely result in successful dog training.

You may consider enrolling your dog in an obedience training school. Dog trainers in these dog training schools are experts in training your dogs with basic commands and advanced tricks.

Attend scheduled activities and make it a habit to practice all the commands religiously as repetition will help your dogs to learn it easily.

Part of obedience training is fun activities and dog rewards to let your dogs know that he is love and appreciated thus making him more attentive to obedience class.