A guide to appropriate breed fit for your lifestyle and situation

It is really overwhelming to shop from over one hundred different breeds though each breed of dog is unique in their own way. It is suggested to get acquainted with their behavior, people’s view and the cost of keeping by reading different books on pets or browsing the net before purchasing. It is very important to peep in your pocket because it is hurting when some people buy dogs for their selfish reasons and later do not take care of them properly leaving them to die.

Amongst the big dogs is Labrador retriever, Golden retriever, German shepherd and Beagles are the most popular breed. Starting with the most popular breed, the Labrador retriever weighing between 50 and 80 pounds and 21 to 24 and a half inches high is a beautiful, intelligent and popular dog breed. Their webbed feet serve the purpose of swimming. Their lovely gentle nature is favorable with children but do not make great guard dogs. Energetic by nature and are easily trained. Their coat is quite low maintenance. Golden retriever another most popular breed is similar to Labrador retriever in every respect except their coat which is longer and their extra playful nature that may cause irritation to their owners. They need especial obedience training and at least an hour of exercise a day. Weighing between 60 and 110 pounds, and are 22 to 26 inches high German shepherd are specially looked for watching or guarding the owner’s belongings. They are very intelligent, sensitive dogs and are very much aware of their owner’s moods and suspicious of strangers. This is the only potential problems that need to be trained and socialized from puppyhood to avoid disaster like sudden attack on any strangers even for child’s friends in his territory. Always popular among dog lovers for their gentle nature and even temperament are the great hunting dogs, the Beagles. They are extremely friendly, loyal, playful and difficult to train due to their curiosity. If trained properly then they will get along in multi-dog households.

Amongst the smaller dogs buying a Chihuahua is suggested that weighs between 2 to 6 pounds and is one of the most popular dog breeds that would not take much space in your apartment. They are very loyal, intelligent, perceptive and protective. Small size does not feign his image as a miniature guard dog.

It all depends on you make the best use of your dog’s potential because the most popular dog breeds are not necessarily the best if not trained properly. Therefore before purchasing a dog exercise on the different issue like your needs, size of your apartment, children, time, your lifestyle and of course your budget.