Potty training a dog keep your floor clean

Having trouble with house breaking your dog? Take a deep breath and relax because there are several effective methods for house training your pooch. The first step in house training a dog is to understand and accept two important facts about your dog, dogs do there business when they want where they want and your dog loves you endlessly and wants your approval. Thus, let your dog know that you want them to do there business in the appropriate area and they will in turn want to go there to please you. It really is that simple!

Choosing a potty training method for your dog depends on what works best for their situation. For instance, if the dog spends a great deal of time in a kennel put down a paper or mat in the corner and teach them to go in that one spot. If you are a dog owner lucky enough to have a fenced in yard you simply need to train your pup to go to the door when they need out. There is also the mat method, similar to the method for kennel kept dogs, which can be used for any dog no matter what there living situation is.

The mat method of housebreaking your dog is especially good for people and dogs who live in apartments where outside areas are not easily accessible.

Training your pooch to go on a mat is as simple as one, two, three. Simply start by putting a mat in the corner of a designated room and through positive reinforcement teach your dog to do their business there.

Remember that your dog will respect you according to how much you respect your dog. With that being said always give your dog the praise they deserve and hold back any negative reactions. This will only set you backwards on the road to training perfection.