Profiling the mastiff dog

The Mastiff dog, sometimes known as the English Mastiff or the Old English Mastiff, is one of the heaviest dog breeds there is. An adult dog can weigh over 200 pounds! These huge, powerful dogs, though intimidating, are really very gentle – even gentle giants!

In days past, the Mastiff was a very useful working dog. His enduring strength was put to use pulling carts, carrying heavy loads on his back, and even powering water wheels. He was also used as a guarding dog, as that is very much in his nature, and even a fighting dog. Their strength, and other characteristics are still put to use, but mostly in fun competition such as weight pulling, cart pulling, tracking, and obedience contests. They are also used as search and rescue dogs, and therapy dogs too.

The Mastiffs have strong guarding instincts and are very watchful over their family members and their homes. They appear self-confident as they carefully watch their surroundings. They are patient and good natured, and generally quiet and calm, which makes them great family dogs. And they are surprisingly gentle with children, though they can be fierce if one of their family’s children is threatened. This protective and loyal aspect of their character makes them excellent dogs for families with kids.

Besides being just plain huge, physically the Mastiff is very muscular and large boned. He is the picture of power. He look dignified and grand. Even though the Mastiff grows at a rapid rate through his first year, his mental state, and personality, aren’t really mature for a few more years. Generally, around the age four they have matured. The Mastiff dog breed is known for their dark colored muzzle. But their coat can range in color from a very light fawn to a very dark brown. His undercoat is short and dense, and his outer coat is fairly coarse.

His short coat is easy to brush, and should be brushed often. Brushing removes loose hair and dead skin cells. It also distributes skin oils, helping to keep his coat shiny. He only needs to bathed when dirty.

Though the Mastiff dog might be considered a special-needs breed, they are still one of the easier large dogs to own. Their activity level is moderate, so they are well suited to people who enjoy walks and short hikes. They don’t need to be taken on long runs. They do need to be exercised daily, but as long as you are able to plan this into your daily life, they can happily live in a small home or apartment. The other strong characteristic to keep in mind is that they become very attached to their family and will actually mourn the loss of family members. If you are considering owning any of the Mastiff dog breed, you should be prepared to keep them for life. They deserve it!

Also keep in mind that they slobber and snore! But even with their challenges, the loving, gentle nature, and lifelong loyalty of the Mastiff dog will bring you a great companion.