New puppy and my older dog, quick help

Are you worried about bringing home a new puppy and introducing him to your older dog? Take the smart approach and there’s no reason to worry. Here’s some info that can help.

1. Set Up Separate “Living Quarters” Ahead Of Time –

Each dog is going to need his own private space for a time so find an area that can belong just to your puppy, something your older dog isn’t too fond of. Set up your puppy’s crate or box there. And make sure it’s set up before you bring your little fella home.

2.Set Aside Some Time For “First Contact” –

Don’t bring your puppy home late one night after work and expect to have both dogs fully integrated before the evening news. Expect that this is going to take some time and plan for it. How about a weekend? Or at least a time when you have the whole evening free?

3. Introduce Them Carefully –

Introduce your new puppy and older dog on neutral ground. It doesn’t have to be a mile away at the local park, just some place that your older dog doesn’t feel territorial about. Use a friend to help if you can. Each of you can then hold one dog and let them sniff each other. If that goes well, you can increase the contact a bit. When you think they’ve had enough, place the puppy in his “space” and pay some extra attention to your older dog.

4. Supervise Them When They’re Together –

It’s important for you to be there as they become aquainted. Don’t leave them alone and go run off to the market. Stay with them and pay attention to their body language (especially your older dog’s). Be prepared to intervene if the older dog gets too aggressive.

5. Feed Them Separately –

Keep their food and water separate for a time. Your puppy won’t know he’s not supposed to eat your older dog’s food and doing so could cause a very aggressive response by the older dog. Beware!

6. Reward Good Behavior –

Every time your dogs “play nice” together, reward them. Use soothing words, strokes and petting, even some treats. You want to reinforce the correct behavior and actions right from the start.

7. Spend Extra Time With The Old Guy –

Finally, don’t forget your older buddy. He’s going to feel insecure for a little while so give him some extra time and some emotional stroking. It will make him feel better and it will also help him accept his new bunk-mate a little quicker.

Hope this helps and thanks for reading.