Easter dangers for dogs

Tomorrow is Good Friday and Sunday is Easter. Many places are having Easter Egg Hunts, and one group called Angels’ Care Animal Rescue is hosting a ‘Dog-Gone Easter Egg Hunt”. Dogs and their owners are invited to come to the park to sniff and find goodies hidden in easter eggs. What kind of easter eggs is not mentioned, however, it seems possible that it could be plastic eggs. This could be a problem, because dogs may bite and chew on the plastic and swallow the pieces. This could be lethal to the dogs, or may cut their mouths or tongues. Just like children, who would rather play with the tissue and gift box instead of the actual gift, dogs tend to do that too. Hence the caution about the plastic eggs. Secondly, the dog owners have to be careful that there is no chocolate around because it is poisonous to dogs. Another problem could be the pretty colored Easter baskets that will be around, and the dogs may be attracted to them. It is important to make sure that non of the baskets have paint that could have lead in it and be bad for both dogs and children.

This group is also having an Easter Bonnet Parade for the dogs to dress up in their designer dog clothes, and their best bonnets and wiggle their tails, and strut their stuff in a parade. It is important to match the right size and design of clothes, to the right size and breed of dog. Some large dogs look like they are shy when they have a tutu on. And it is important to have the right gender clothes on. We see a lot of girl dog clothes, but there are boy dog clothes too, such as shirts, pants, shorts and tees. It is also good to make sure that the right kind of sleeve is used. For large dogs it is alright to have sleeves, but for small dogs, it might just cover their whole foot and cause them to trip.

All precautions aside, this will be a wonderful weekend for children, dogs and their owners. Parents of both the two-legged and four-legged children will be buying and dressing their babies in the prettiest clothes, and buying a lot of Easter products. It is a time for celebration and a lot of fun. Hopefully, they will all be safe too. If people are using boiled eggs, it is also important to know that they spoil fast. It is better that children and dogs don’t eat the boiled eggs that are colored. This would keep them safe from the colors used for the eggs and also if the eggs are spoiled. It is perfectly safe for them to eat fresh boiled eggs.