Learn about the american eskimo dog breed

Of all the dog breeds one of the fluffiest and cutest is the American Eskimo puppy. It is from the Spitz family and considered a Nordic breed. When brought to America its name was changed to the American Eskimo dog. It was originally related to the white German Spitz. They originally changed the name because after World War I there were widespread anti-German sentiments. They are now considered to be two separate breeds but the two a very closely related.

Evidence shows that the “White Spitz” was also brought to America by German immigrants. The studbook was closed by the North American Eskimo dog Association in 1969. To gain acceptance into the AKC, The American Eskimo Dog Club of America was formed in 1985.

On July 1, 1995 the American Eskimo dog was accepted in to the AKC in the Non-Sporting Group. There are three sizes of the breed, the standard, miniature, and of course, the toy. The standard size will reach a height of 15 to 19 inches, and will weigh between 18 and 35 pounds. A miniature will be 12-15 inches tall and weigh 10-20 pounds. A toy dog will be 9-12 inches high and weigh six to ten pounds.

Being a small to medium size dog the American Eskimo dog is a well-balanced, compact Nordic type dog. When it walks or run you will see a smooth gait. The dog is also very alert. There are very distinctive black points on the dogs face. They are around the eye rims, lips and on the nose. The ears also have the black points and are triangular shaped and stand erect.

The coat is two fold. The under coat consist of short dense hair. The outer coat grows through the undercoat with long guard hair. This gives the dog a double coat. The hair should lay flat with no waves or curls. Around the neck and chest the coat is much thicker and forms a ruff similar to a loins. This trait is more pronounced on a male than on the females. The breech look, which is characteristic of the breed, is formed around the back legs to the hocks and is covered in very thick hair also. The tail is loosely carried on its back and is very plum. The color of the American Eskimo dog should be pure white, though white and biscuit cream is also allowed.

As a puppy the American Eskimo is a little on the conservative side but is generally friendly. They are very intelligent and highly alert. If being shown they can be penalized for either aggressive behavior or being overly shy. If you want a watchdog this is a good breed, due to its alertness they will bark when someone is approaching. They do not general threaten to bite or attack people, but they are protective of their area and family. It is quick and eager to learn new tricks.

Though this breed is generally healthy there are a few things it is susceptible to. Owners should pay close attention to any changes in the tear ducts or eyes. Progressive retinal astrophy and hip displaysia also run in this breed. To avoid dermatitis keep the coat free of fleas and clean.

This dog is very active and is best suited for living in an area with a yard where it can run and play. It can become overweight very easily so regular exercise is a must. It would be okay in an apartment as long as you had a place to exercise them. You should brush the dog at least twice a week. Remember it has a thick coat so you will need a comb or brush with bristles that are firm. The breed is not really a heavy shedder, but when it does shed its coat increase the brushing frequency to daily. Wash only when needed.