Akc different types of dog breeds

AKC-Different>There are approximately 400 breeds of dogs around the world. The American Kennel Club recognizes only 146 of them. The dogs which are recognized by the American kennel club can be listed as follows:








American Staffordshire terrier, jack terrier, bull terrier, Jack Russell terrier are some of the dogs which fall under this category. These dogs are competitive and determined. They are the fighting breeds. The dogs of this breed are extremely fast and very deadly. The dogs like Jack Russell terriers are very sharp hunters. They are also assertive and fearless.

In the non-sporting group, there is a huge variation in the size, origin and type of dogs. They are bred out of the terriers breed as they do not perform any tasks, they are just companion dogs. Some of the most popular companion dogs are standard and miniature poodles. Some of the dogs which are a part of this category are Dalmatian, French bulldog, Chow chow, Boston terrier.

The toy categories of the dogs are very small in size. They are superb companion dogs. These dogs are friendly, kind and are very suitable in case you are having a very small home or an apartment. Boston terrier, cavalier King Charles spaniel, Chihuahua, Papillion, toy poodle and pug form the citizens of this category. They are also very delicate looking and the owner needs to take good care of them.

The sporting group dogs are alert and active as the name suggests. They possess significant instincts while they are in woods and travel in water. This is the reason why they are used for hunting and field activities. American water spaniel, Chesapeake Bay retriever, pointer, Irish water spaniel and Labrador retriever are the members of this category.

As the name suggests, the working dogs are just used for work. They are used as helpful resources in water rescues, pulling out dog sleds; they are also used in finding the drugs and not to forget guarding the people. Bernard dogs, Dobermans, boxers are the examples of some of the working dogs.

The hound breeds of hunters are known to be good hunters. They use the accurate and strong sense of smell to find their way to the prey. They also have enormous amount of stamina, and it shows when they run and hunt. Beagles, black and tan coonhounds, American foxhound, and the bloodhound are the dogs which fall in this category. The hounds are also known for a unique kind of a howl.

The herding group has a strange kind of ability to control sheep and livestock. They do this by controlling their movements. They are also one of the best family pets. The herding dogs are very receptive to the training they are given. They love playing with children, being with the family and playing with children is one of the best pastimes of these dogs. Pembroke Welsh corgi Australian cattle dog, Belgian sheepdog, Shetland sheepdogs Border collie, German shepherd are some of the dogs which fall in this category.