Miniature dogs are most favorable for the kids

Although big, working dogs are helpful in guarding the house, and protecting the family members, it is sometimes harmful with children around. Even if these dogs just mean to be playful, their heavy weight and big built may prove dangerous to kids.

With kids around, miniature dogs are more preferable. Such dogs can even stay inside the house, instead of putting them in cages in the garden. Miniature dogs are the most adorable types of dogs. They have unique personalities that big working dogs cannot pull off. However, these miniature dogs are more delicate and need extra care.

There are two major health problems for the small dogs: dehydration and hypoglycemia. They are prone to these sicknesses because mainly because of their lighter weights and petite size.

Just like ordinary dogs, miniature dogs also need to be vaccinated. When you have a puppy, it is your obligation to take them on regular trips to the veterinarian for initial examination and regular checkups. The veterinarian diagnoses the dog before recommending what vaccine to give.

If a puppy has contact with other animals, it will be given a 5-way vaccine. If it is exposed to other animals, it will be given a 7-way vaccine. If your place has Canine Coronavirus problem, it will be given either of the two vaccines. If your area has ticks, your dog needs lyme vaccine. And if you are planning to travel with your dog, bordetella Vaccine is given. This vaccine is against tracheobronchitis or kennel cough.

Miniature dogs are great companions of kids. They both love to play, and the dogs would love to be cuddled. It is also an excellent opportunity to give kids responsibility and take care of the dog themselves.

Not all dogs are suitable to kids. Be careful to choose the right one for them, neither too big nor small, and never vicious. Also consider the health concerns of children. Some may be allergic to dog furs or dog food.

There are dogs that prefer to go outdoors; there are also those who want to be in the presence of the family. You need to decide which dog fits your family. If you would choose a puppy, you must have time to train them how to mingle with the whole family. As much as possible, acquaint it to every member of the family. The dog should sense who is family and who is not.

There is a big variety of dog breeds. Each breed has varied characteristics and innate personality. Pugs, Yorkshire terrier, toy poodles and Pekingese can be best for kids or teenagers.

With dogs as their pets, kids can find someone to share everything they want to share with. They would not be so keen anymore in going out. They would rather stay home to be with their dog. They would not be disturbing their parents when they are busy because their attention would be on their pets. They would then learn how to care for their pets, and teach them how to be responsible. These are good traits that can be imbibed in them and nurture their growth.

Dogs make families happy. After a tiring day in school, kids look for their dogs at home to relax and unwind a bit.