Cyanuric acid in dog food not on recall list

A forensic toxicology report states that cyanuric acid was present in a sample of commercial dog food that purports to be lams Large Breed dog food.

There is the possibility that the bag was poisoned by miscreants after leaving the production plant. This remains to be seen, but is yet another example of the potential dangers that may inhabit the containers of some commercial dog food.

The dog food was taken from an open bag so further investigation is still necessary. The accuracy of the laboratory report though is convincing as the methods used for testing have been certified.

A recent report by the AVMA with regard to pets suffering from kidney disease after eating recalled food stated that a chemical reaction between melamine and cyanuric acid ( was ) suspected of forming crystals and blocking kidney function in …affected animals” and that the “approximately 70 percent cyanuric acid and 30 percent melamine…(is) extremely insoluble.

So this is not the first discovery of cynauric acid, a chemical used in the manufacture of bleach, herbicides and disinfectants. While we are not chemists, it should not be a stretch to surmise that cyanuric acid is not an ingredient that should ever be found in dog food.

That this chemical has been detected in other brands of pet food during the dog food recall makes the current discovery even more alarming.

Dog food companies have been packaging unregulated, untested and unhealthy products, called healthy dog food since the inception of the industry.

The presence of chemicals, toxins, fillers, preservatives, by products, diseased tissue and carcinogens have been disguised with fancy labeling tricks and deception, convincing unsuspecting dog owners that the dog food is in fact safe.

Nothing could be further form the truth. More dogs than ever are dying of canine cancer. Life expectancies are lower than they should be for healthy dogs. Skin allergies due to inadequate nutrients in dog food are on the rise, causing hair loss, itching, rashes and a host of other symptoms.

Until and unless real regulation of the dog food companies is mandated by Congress, be careful and wary of any dog food company claims and products. Many dog guardians are preparing home made dog food for their dogs. It’s one way to achieve some peace of mind for your self and a healthy diet for your best friend.