How to care for your pug

For many years, one of the most popular dog breeds has been the Pug. Prior to bringing a Pug dog home, you must realize that it has special care requirements. Having been around for thousands of years, and gained acceptance in the AKC’s Toy Group where it was first recognized in 1885. The Pug’s flat and wrinkly face, along with its thick body and curly tail, make it a breed which is easy to recognize. Most Pugs are between thirteen to twenty pounds in weight and stand ten to fourteen inches tall. Although these dogs are cute in their own way, an owner has to be aware of unique health concerns in this breed.

First, there is the dog’s wrinkly skin. Unfortunately, the skin folds on a Pug are prone to infection. Any infection should be immediately treated by your veterinarian. You should bathe and clean your pet consistently, being careful to clean in between the skin folds to remove any dirt or debris. Not cleaning between the wrinkles can cause bacteria build up which could lead to infection.

If allowed, pugs will eat too much. A Pug needs to have its’ food carefully controlled so that they do not overeat. Being overweight can be detrimental to them in the same way that it can be for humans. Pugs do not tolerate heat well, so shade is very important to any Pug left outside. As with any living thing, they should never be left in a car during the summer. High temperatures can cause difficulty in breathing in Pugs, so you should avoid leaving them exposed to high temperatures.

Another place a Pug manifests health concerns is their eyes. Due to the unique shape and location on the face, the eyes are not protected properly. Frequently examine the eyes for infection. Any signs of inflammation is a signal to get your dog to the vet right away.

Going to the vet when needed and providing basic pet care are the best ways to keep your Pug in good health. For those that are responsible in their pet’s care, they can be rewarded with many years worth of happiness.