All you need to know about yorkie dogs!

The Yorkshire Terrier, also known as Yorkie dogs, are one of the most adorable members of the toy dog category. They are a mixture of England’s finest terriers, the Clydesdale terrier, English terrier, English black and tan terrier, waterside terrier and the Paisley terrier.

This breed of dog derived its name from their place of origin which is the Yorkshire, England. Yorkie dogs first made their way to America during the late 1800s but it was only until the early 1900s that Yorkshire Terrier made its exclusive name because there were so many different sizes. It was during this time that most dog enthusiasts prefer smaller sized Yorkshire Terrier.

Though it falls under the category of a toy dog, this breed is a bold, confident and courageous animal. Their behavior towards others vary. Just like other small sized dogs, they are always outgoing, eager for fun and adventure but they are sometimes a bit aggressive and aloof towards other small animals and strange canines. That old rough-edged terrier spirit still lingers on.

Dogs need plenty of exercise regardless of the breed. For Yorkshire Terriers, exercise is not a bother because they stay physically fit by running around the house or small apartment. But this does not mean that they should stay indoors all the time. Actually, they will also enjoy and appreciate going out for a brisk walk with their owner from time to time. Just ensure the dog’s safety by walking on a leash to avoid problems with other small animals.

Although they may enjoy going outside to take a walk, they are not meant to live outdoors. Just like any other toy dogs, Yorkshire Terriers prefers the companionship and warmth of its family and human contact. If Yorkie dogs really need to be left outside, this should only be done for a short period of time. And just make sure that comfortable and adequate shelter and bedding is provided for them to utilize.

Yorkshire Terriers grow very long hair but they do not shed as much as other short-haired breeds do. Grooming needs depend on the style of the hair. Three to four times a week of thorough brushing is what trimmed pets needed while frequent grooming is needed for those with untrimmed long hair so that it does not tangle and mat.

The life span of a Yorkshire Terrier is up to 16 years provided it is living a healthy lifestyle in a positive environment, with its health minded and caring dog owner. Though there is no major health concern that can affect Yorkie dogs, they are still susceptible to other minor health issues such as patellar luxation. It is always best to seek out your veterinarian’s help and have your Yorkie dogs specifically tested for eye problems, knee dysplasia and have a liver ultrasound.