Dog ear care

Dog ear care is pretty simple if you keep up with it. The easiest way to keep your dog’s ears clean and problem-free is to make cleaning a weekly chore. Be sure to check your dog’s ears for wax buildup, redness or inflammation around the ear, dirt in the ears, or anything else that might be in your dog’s ear.

Also be sure to smell your dog’s ears. A foul or sour odor indicates a problem like an ear infection, ear mites, or even fleas or ticks. If you think your dog might have an ear infection, take your dog to the veterinarian immediately. Letting your dog’s ear infection go can result in a severe infection or even deafness.

When you are cleaning your dog’s ears only use a gentle solution. Never use soap and water or alcohol. Never use Q-tips, or any other cotton tipped swab as these can push dirt further into your dog’s ears creating a bigger problem. You can also hurt your dog’s ear canal.

Dogs with floppy ears are very prone to ear infections, as there is hardly any air circulation around the ear so it is even more important to check your dog’s ears weekly.

Here are some symptoms of a possible ear infection:

  • Your dog shakes his head
  • Your dog paws or scratches his ear a lot
  • You notice your dog tilts his head to the side
  • Your dog’s ear smells bad (can indicate a dog ear yeast infection)
  • You notice a heavy wax buildup when cleaning your dog’s ears
  • You see fleas or ticks in the ear -You notice your dog’s ear is red and immflamed
  • Your dog’s ears are moist

    If you notice any of these problems it’s best to get your dog to the veterinarian as soon as you can to avoid a worse problem.