Should you get a dog from the pound

One of the most important decisions that you will have to make is of the type of dog that you are going to get. Dogs give us so much love and companionship that it is difficult to imagine ever living without one. If you are faced with the decision of what kind of dog to get them here are some suggestions that might help you to make your choice.

One issue that many people are very passionate about is that of buying a dog from a shelter. There are so many dogs that are available and are not given homes that you can understand why somebody would feel that way. Many of the dogs that are at the pound will certainly make a fantastic pet. It’s a tough choice to make, however, especially if you have been considering buying a particular breed of dog.

If you have been thinking about getting a specific breed of dog then it is certainly going to be easier to find that dog from a breeder. You would want to make sure that the breeder was reputable and was not part of just a puppy farm. Many times so called purebred dogs are treated unkindly and there is a lot of interbreeding going on inside those farms. Many of these puppies are sold at pet stores for a large price. Having a dog that has a history of inbreeding can cause health problems that may show up quickly or not for years to come. Reputable breeders will inshore that your new puppy comes from a reputable stock and that no inbreeding has taken place.

Sometimes we just want a great companion for ourselves or for our family. If you are not looking for a particular breed and you would like a wonderful companion then choosing one from the local shelter may be the way to go. Not only does the shelter always have a rotating stock of new pets, but you are able to interact with the dog for a period of time and see how they are going to react to you and your family. When choosing a dog from the shelter you will also be able to pick one that is the approximate age that you need. Although many times they will not have this exact information they will be able to help you to guess at how old the dog is.

Another thing to keep in mind when deciding if you will get a dog at a breeder or at the pound is that a dog bought from a shelter is a dog saved. Because of the fact that shelters get so many new dogs all the time they need to get rid of the older dogs that have not found homes. While this is a sad situation they just don’t have the funds to be able to keep these dogs indefinitely. There are shelters, however, that are known as no kill shelters. No kill shelters will keep the dogs until they find a home. Many people choose to find their dogs at the shelters.

Having a new dog is a joy. They give us so much in return for the care that we give to them. Make sure that you choose your new dog wisely and take all things into consideration. You will, no doubt, end up with a new family member that you could never have imagined living without.