Great danes, should you adopt one

Great Danes are undeniably great dogs with remarkable personality and friendly nature. Many people are dying to have this breed of dog as an additional member of the family. Typically, a prospective parent would go to a Great Dane breeder and choose which one should he take home among the adorable puppies. Another way to acquire an additional member of the family is through dog adoption. You can adopt a dog from dog shelters, dog pounds, humane societies and breed rescue associations. So if you are looking for a Great Dane, then Great Dane rescue association is the right place for you.

Some people are hesitant to adopt a dog from shelters because of the belief that dogs from these places are bad dogs or problematic dogs. They have given up or left astray by their owners because of behavior or medical problems. While some indeed do have problems, some are as healthy and well as dogs purchased from a reputable dog breeder. They are given up or left astray by their previous owners because of various reasons. The owner might have moved to a new place and it is just impossible to take the dog or the previous owner can no longer provide what the dog needs in order to grow healthy and happy. These are just few of the reasons why more and more dogs end in shelters and unfortunately, euthanized if no good heart is going to adopt them. It is just so sad to think that these once cute and loved dogs end up this way.

Through dog adoption, you will be giving hope to these unfortunate creatures. Besides, most dogs in rescue shelters are already house trained and have completed their vaccinations. With this, you no longer have to endure arduous task of house training your dog, no more urine stain somewhere in the house, no more missing shoes and so on.

But before you finally become a good soul to a poor dog, ask yourself first if you are indeed ready to adopt one. Can you provide this dog with the essential things he needed to grow? Do you have time to give this dog the required exercise? These dogs are once abandoned and might have been suffering from separation anxiety. Are you sure that this dog will never be abandoned again in your hands? Ask yourself these questions and when the answers are all yes, then there’s no reason for you to hesitate much longer. Go and save lives through dog adoption!