Choosing a dog based on your lifestyle

For those living in a city environment, it is needless to say that life is hectic, and many would not have time to devote a large amount of time to a pet everyday. There are dogs that are perfect for people in these situations. More specifically, dogs that require very little maintenance, and at the same time are great pets! There are so many breeds to select from, and there is a breed out there that will be perfect for virtually every person. It is just a matter of deciding what you need, and finding the dog that meets your needs.

Every single dog has certain needs. Nonetheless, every dog will require exercise and food, as well as occasional grooming and such. Certain dogs are more orientated for families with little kids, and these dogs generally require a lot more exercise. On the other hand are dogs that require a lot less time and attention, and these are best for someone living in the city.

Firstly, there are pugs. They are extremely cute, tiny, active, smart, and very friendly. They do not need to be groomed regularly, and are extremely friendly around other people and pets. Needless to say, pugs are very easy dogs to maintain if you are living a hectic city lifestyle.

Next are poodles! Poodles are very smart, and easy to maintain. They only have one downside, and that is that they do require a fair bit of a social life. Nonetheless, when living in the city, this should not be a problem (a stroll down the city streets a couple times a day is sufficient).

Labradors are right up there on the best city dogs. Labradors are undoubtedly one of the overall most popular dogs of all time. They are attractive, smart, friendly, yet fun to be around. They are very active and having one is like having a child (without the crying and changing diapers). Because of their longer hair, grooming is required a bit more often than other dogs mentioned. Aside from that and a daily walk, Labradors are quite easy to maintain.

Lastly are Shih Tzu’s. These dogs are very tiny, and extremely well-mannered. They do not need a lot of room, and will not be of harm to any home items (furniture and such) as other days possibly may be. The dog can be moved from place to place very easily due to its small size.