Arthritis treatment for dogs

Storm and I were best friends from the day I found him abandoned and covered with ticks. About 6 years ago, however, our playtime became a burden to Storm instead of fun. He developed arthritis. The symptoms began with general slowing down of his movements. Then it became harder for him to move because of stiffness in his joints. He had trouble getting up and climbing stairs.

I took Storm to the vet and was disappointed with the arthritis treatments for dogs that were available. The vet suggested giving Storm aspirin for the pain. That did work for a while, but it didn’t fix the problem. It just hid it. I stopped giving Storm aspirin after he almost died from taking it! He contracted a very serious intestinal infection. This almost tragic event sparked my desire to find a safe arthritis treatment for dogs. I wanted to find an arthritis treatment for dogs that didn’t just cover up the problem, but actually helped. I found a product called Syn-flex Liquid Glucosamine that claimed to be an arthritis treatment for dogs. I ordered a bottle and started to give it to Storm.

The first thing I liked about this arthritis treatment for dogs was that it was easy to give. It came with a built-in measuring spout. All I had to do was measure it out and pour it over his food once a day. Storm didn’t even notice that I had put it on his food. He didn’t mind the taste at all. The best thing about this arthritis treatment for dogs was that it didn’t really have any side effects, which was a relief after the scary events with the aspirin.

Storm started to show improvement in about a month. The slowness that he had been experiencing improved and he was able to get around much easier. The stiffness also improved. Storm didn’t struggle to get up and could climb the stairs again. He wasn’t a puppy, but Storm and I could continue to make our trips to the park. In fact, we continued to play (although more slowly) until he passed away from old age at 15, which is quite an old age considering that Storm was a large dog. I gave him the glucosamine arthritis treatment for dogs every day and that probably helped him live a longer, healthier, more fulfilling life.

Thousands of our customers have had the same experience with their arthritic dogs as I did with Storm. Liquid glucosamine can’t be beat as an arthritis treatment for dogs.

What makes liquid glucosamine work so well? The main reason that glucosamine is a well accepted and effective arthritis treatment for dogs is that it works without negative side effects! Glucosamine is not only an accepted arthritis treatment for dogs, but for humans as well. The ease of administering glucosamine makes dog owners feel at ease that they are giving the treatment correctly and makes it easier to stick with the treatment. Dogs either don’t notice the taste of the glucosamine, or don’t mind the taste. Out of the thousands of customers using glucosamine as their arthritis treatment for dogs, only one has reported that their dog refused to eat food with the glucosamine poured on it.

When I began to search for a treatment for Storm’s arthritis, I didn’t want something that would just cover over the problem as it continued to get worse. Many anti-inflammatory, and sometimes dangerous, drugs do just hide the pain while allowing the arthritis to worsen. Using glucosamine as an arthritis treatment for dogs does not hide the pain. It works by actually rebuilding and regenerating joint tissue. Glucosamine helps repair the damage that arthritis causes to joints.

Most dogs, and people, will suffer from arthritis to some degree as they get older. Because of this, we recommend giving your dog glucosamine starting with the second half of their lives because this is the time of life when arthritis begins to set in and start to cause damage. Giving liquid glucosamine is so easy and effective as an arthritis treatment for dogs that it just makes sense to stop the pain arthritis can cause before it happens.