Pug dog breed

There are several different dog breeds out there that you can choose from when adding to your family. One of those dog breeds is the Pug. A Pug is a smaller dog that offers intelligence, loyal and a lot of affection for their owners. Below you will learn about their history, care, training, and grooming needs to see if they will fit into your family.

The pug is originally from China. They are thought to be a cross between a Pekingese and a bulldog. You will find that the pug usually grows to ten or eleven inches and they are about fourteen to sixteen pounds. You may recognize the pug from some of the movies or commercials as they have been in quite a few. The pug was actually used in Men in Black, among others. Characteristically you will find the pug has a wide face, but a short snort, a muscular body that actually makes their head look larger, and floppy ears. They usually have a black mask around the eyes and black on the ears and some on the legs. Typically this dog breed is going to be tan, but they can be silver. They have short hair making grooming fairly easy on the owner. Grooming usually needs to be done on a daily basis for the ears, eyes and face. They tend to have eye and ear infections and the slobber can get into the folds on their face and cause skin irritations so it is really important to take a soft wet cloth to their face and ears. Their coats are short haired, which makes it easy to brush or rub down with a towel once a week to remove dead or loose hair.

As for other care they do need to have a little bit of exercise daily. They don’t usually take long walks, but fifteen minutes at a time with a little playtime around the house is great. They like to play with toys for the most part. They tend to be susceptible to heatstroke so don’t over exert them when they are out of doors. You will find that a healthy diet usually consists of protein, and you may want to speak with a vet about heart problems they can have. They tend to have genetic issues related to heart disease and therefore may need special diets.

The pug can be a jealous dog, which means they don’t do well in households with small children who require a lot of care. In fact the pug would rather have all of the attention. So it is important that they go through obedience training as well as socialization training. They can be extremely happy, friendly, and loyal dogs. The pugs are also sensitive to voice changes. This means that they tend to exhibit the emotions around them and can feel despair. The pug should never be aggressive or shy, but constantly happy. If they are not left alone for several hours each day or while you are on vacation they will definitely continue the happy life. When you train these dogs it is important that you use a gentle, but firm hand. Consistency is going to be the key to this dogs training as well. They can be a little lazy so some times you may mistake laziness for intelligence. Just keep in mind that diligence as a part of training will be most successful.

With the many dog breeds that exist it can be a hard decision to make, but you should know that pugs are wonderful in households with older generations as well as a one pet family.