Dog collars for every size pet

For the sake of safety and convenience, Is why dog owners will buy dog collars. Safety, in case they get lost most everyone will look at the collar for a dog tag and convenience when attaching a leash or hooking the animal up to a stationary post. Dog collars are also a good place to insert RF ID chips instead of them being inserted under the dogs skin.

When a trainer first gets a puppy, Most owners will use a slip collar when taking the dog for walks but as the dog grows, the slip collar may be something the dog learns to remove and people will switch to traditional belt-style dog collars. Slip collars, which are also known as choke collars, get tighter on the dog when it pulls or applies more resistance and is known in some cases to damage the dog’s throat and neck.

RFID or radio frequency identification devices are becomming more common and allow vets to extract information about the dog, including the owner’s name, address and phone number to help get the dog back to its rightful owner. Having it in dog collars may be better than under the skin, but if you replace the collar, the chip also has to be replaced.

Small Enough To Stay, Big Enough For Comfort

When buying dog collars for your pets, you should consider the animal’s comfort and think how you would feel constantly wearing a belt around your neck. Many dogs don’t like dog collars and try to remove them with their front two paws. Your collar needs to be of a size that fits snug to prevent the dog from pushing it over its head and yet large enough to provide adequate comfort.

If you are planning on purchasing a belt style dog collar, make sure that it has more than one hole for the locking bar to slip into. These belt style dog collars come in many colors and designs to choose from.