Is an alaskan malamute puppy the right choice for me and my family

The Alaskan Malamute might be a very poor choice for an apartment. They are large, intelligent dogs that need room to exercise and they can shed profusely. She is an Artic sled dog, bred for power, big muscles, deep chest and vigor. She has a thick, coarse coat, of course, and a wooly undercoat. They come in various coat colors, ranging from light grey through black, sable and even a red tint. The tail is carried over the back of the animal.

The Malamute does not like warm climates due to its heavy fur that was designed to withstand extremes in cold. Shaving this dog so it tolerates heat has the opposite effect because of the way dogs cool themselves. They are very friendly but not suitable for an apartment as they shed heavily, are large and need exercise. Fencing this dog in will help in the exercise area, as long as the climate is cool. They will seriously dig so if you fence, some of the fence needs to be buried to keep them in. Also, if you have a nice landscaped yard, you had a nice landscaped yard.

*Are Malamutes good with children? They are good with older children. They are a large breed so younger children may get hurt by them accidentally. They love people. Never leave young children alone with a dog for any length of time without adult supervision.

*Temperament. The Alaskan Malamute is friendly, affectionate, loyal, devoted, playful and not a one man dog.

*Approximate Adult Size. Males run about 25 inches at the highest point of their shoulders and can weigh 85 pounds. Females run about 23 inches to the top of their shoulders and weigh in at about 75 pounds.

*Special Health Considerations. The Malamute may be subject to hip dysplasia, cataracts, inherited polyneuropathy and progressive retinal atrophy.

*Grooming. They shed quite a bit of fur. Brushing several times a week is good and baths should be rare. Their coat generally does not smell.

*Life Span. They live between 12 to 15 years with proper nutrition and care.

*History. The Malamute is a Nordic dog that originally came from the Wolf. Its name comes from the Mahlemut tribe of upper western Alaska, who used Malamutes for transportation. These dogs have been very valuable as freight and work dogs through the ages. They were especially prized during the Alaskan gold rush of 1896. They even helped Admiral Richard Byrd reach the South Pole. DNA testing reveals that they are one of the oldest breeds of dogs.

*SPECIAL GOOD POINTS They hardly bark. Very friendly. Generally like everyone, including outsiders. They keep themselves clean.

*SPECIAL NEGATIVE POINTS Can be predatory against small animals. They hardly bark. Poor watch dog. May be aggressive towards other dogs. May attempt to dominate his owner. Gets bored. Needs mental stimulation. May howl like a wolf. May ignore commands. May dig when bored, or to escape an enclosure. Can be difficult to housebreak. Sheds like crazy.