Teaching your dog good feeding habits

It is extremely vital for dogs to be fed on a regular basis rather than have the food at their disposable so that they can self feed them. There are many reasons as to why this is beneficial to your dog. This article will give you some valuable information on how you can teach your dog good feeding habits.

By feeding your dog on a regular basis will benefit their digestion system and will also help you to keep an eye on their health. Dogs that are not well are picked up upon more easily than dogs that feed on demand. Dogs that are fed on demand are also not allowed a time of rest so that their digestive systems can adjust. The digestive saps within the tummy of a dog are activated by the sense of smell; consequently if your dog is continually exposed to the smell of food, his stomach will not get an opportunity to rest.

You should also train your dog to not be aggressive when food is around, and this is only possible if you provide your dog with food and in this manner control their eating. When your dog is consuming their food, you will be there and then you can also use this opportunity to teach them to allow other to approach their food bowl. It is an excellent idea to put your hand in the food bowl of your dog while he is eating and stir the food around. On occasion you can also put in a small treat or something special. This will train your dog to not bite the one that gives him food.

Your dog should also be able to eat in different locations. Keep their feeding regular but move their food bowls to different areas. By doing this your dog will be comfortable should you take him with on a vacation.

It is also a lot easier teaching your dog new tricks while they have food in front of them. If you are working on a specific skill with your dog, you can ask them to do it and then give them their food. This will make the sit and down commands a lit easier if you ease feeding times as rewards for their good behavior. A dog that is dominant should learn that he is inferior to you, especially when you are offering them their food.

Finally, there should be periods during feeding sessions that you allow other people to give your dog food. If you are ill or not there, you will have the peace of mind that someone else will be able to look after your dog.