Scottish terrier dogs, facts about scottish terriers

Are you considering the idea of owning a Scottish terrier? And you want to have a clue about what Scottish terrier dogs are like with the view of obtaining one, training it and keeping it as your faithful pet.

When people refer to Scottish terrier dogs, or Scotties as we sometimes call them, they are usually referring to the three different types of terriers; the Westies, the Cairns and the Scotties. All three types of Scottish terriers have similar appearances with the Cairns and the Westies more closely-related. The Westies are white in color, bred from a hybrid of white dogs and Cairns of west Scotland whereas the Cairns tend to have coats of numerous colors (except white). The darker coats and longer shaped heads and bodies of the Scotties are some of the distinguishing differences between Cairns and Scotties. Other slight variations include the Dandie Dinmont, however, it seems that the slight differences outweighed the similarities to have the Dandie Dinmonts categorized separately as a different breed.

There is no clear cut path going back to the origins of the breed of Scottish terrier dogs if you want to know about Scottish terriers and their history even though it is believed that the earlier Scottish terrier dogs were delivered by King James I of England to the French Royals in the 16th century.

Later in the highlands of Scotland, Scottish terrier dogs were bred to assist in the hunting of grain-eating vermin that were a nuisance to poultry and chicken farm animals. As the terrier breed developed, the majority of the breeds grew to be courageous and full of fight. The thing about Scottish terriers is that they were nitially trained to track and chase foxes and badgers into their habitats. The Scottish terrier dogs were able to adapt well to rough climates and harsh terrains with their tough wiry thick coats and soft undercoats to protect them.

Because of their natural scrappiness, if you are thinking of having a Scottie as a pet, you need to know as much as you can about Scottish terriers and not underestimate their potential for aggression. The need for the right training because without the proper training and care, you could end up harming and even traumatizing your terrier. However, if properly trained and taken cared of, Scottish terrier dogs can be the most loyal of dogs and most likely become the protector of the family, guarding and defending you even to the point of jeopardizing it’s own life. In this way, the Scottie can be seen as a very attractive pet to have because it is literally your best friend.

Though bred to be more assertive, there are Scottish terrier dogs that have natures that are opposite to the public image that is normally associated with these types of dogs. Indeed, not only can Scottish terriers be independent but also stoic creatures. And even though they seem to enjoy their own privacy, like most dogs, they naturally adapt to the moods of their owners with the need to be praised often.