Female dog names, choosing the right name for your girl dog

Whether you have adopted a cute little female puppy or your new dog is a bit of an older lady, you’ll find that you need to think up a name for her. Naming your new dog is a fairly important part of making her part of your family, and you’ll discover that the more thought you put into it, the better. There are lots of great names out there, so take some time to make sure that the one that you choose is perfect.

There are a couple key things to remember when choosing a female dog name: short and sweet is better, don’t choose a name that rhymes with a typical command (like “Stay, Fay!”), and remember that the whole world will hear you call your dog’s name…so keep it clean!

First, take a look at your favorite media. You’ll find that there are a number of different ideas just in looking around at your favorite movies. Maybe you were a “Gone With The Wind” buff when you were a young girl, and your new puppy’s as sassy and bold as Scarlet, or as shy and sweet as Melanie. What about Shakespeare? While you might need to watch out if you name your new dog after someone as sinister as Titus Andronicus’s Tamora, you’ll certainly have less to worry about if your dog ends up fitting the name Ophelia, or Desdemona, which can be shortened quite adorably to Desi.

Maybe you’re someone who prefers old-fashioned names. If you prefer slightly more old fashioned names, think about something like Pearl or Lucy. Maybe you wouldn’t mind having a name with a slightly more modern sound, like Ashley, Haley or Brooklyn. Get to know your dog, and remember that even if she’s a puppy right now that she won’t be forever. Make sure that the name you choose will suit her four years old as well as it does when she’s only six months old.

When choosing your new puppy’s name, keep in mind that it should be relatively short. You’ll find that the shorter it is, the easier it will be for your dog to distinguish it from other sounds and to recognize it. Choose a name that you’ll be comfortable putting on any veterinarian’s forms or shouting out for your neighbors to hear. You’ll find that getting yourself used to the name is as important as making sure that your dog is!

There are plenty of sources out there when you are considering naming your new girl dog. If you want something a little more exotic than the normal “Honey” or “Molly,” why not think about place names? A particularly elegant dog might wear the name Kyoto or Dresden very well, though your dog seems a little flashier than that, you can consider Vegas! No matter what name you choose, make sure that your dog will respond to it, and that it can be said or called very easily!