Basset hounds ear care

Their hanging skin structure is the reason why Basset Hounds seem to display sad look on their faces. That’s what they are known for. Another trademark of Basset Hounds is their cute long ears. But these long cute ears that tend to be healthy can be a source of health problems for this breed of dog. Basset Hounds are more susceptible to get odorous ear wax because their long and floppy ears trap dirt as they drag on the ground or floor. This ear wax builds up and if not properly cleaned, can lead to an ear infection.

In order to prevent ear infection, preventive measures should be taken. Your Basset Hounds can keep those long and floppy ears healthy and odor free through regular cleaning of the ears.

Before the cleaning session begins, you need to get the necessary cleaning items such as cotton balls, cotton swab, damp wash cloth or ear cleaning solution. Some use mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide as cleaning solution but vets are now discouraging the use of hydrogen peroxide or isopropyl alcohol for homemade ear washes for dogs. You can get your ear wash or cleaning solution from your vet or from a local pet supply store. You can also use a mixture of vinegar and water as a substitute. Vinegar helps reduce infection because it counteracts the climate that nourishes yeast.

When cleaning, start with the outer area first. Using a cotton ball dampened with your cleaning solution, remove the dirt in this area especially under the small folds and crevices.

The next target is the inner ear. Gently pour enough cleaning solution into the dog’s ear to fill the canal. Start working but gently massaging the ear for about 20 seconds to help loosen normal dirt and wax. Use cotton balls to wipe the dirt and excess fluid from the inner ear. Be careful not to push down the cotton ball into the ear.

For serious wax build-up or hardening, home cleaning is not advisable. Cleaning should be done by a veterinarian. If you notice that your pet seems to be scratching at his ears more than usual and find that regular cleaning is ineffective in relieving the scratching, it is important to have your hound examined by a veterinarian.

Keeping your dog’s ears as high as possible is one of the most effective way to further reduce the risk of ear infection. Don’t let moist stay. Dry them off and use large cotton balls to prevent water from getting into the ear canals when bathing.