Samoyed dog breed

Dogs make the greatest companions when you are seeking undivided devotion and affection. While not all dogs are as great as other breeds you will find there are plenty to choose from depending on what you are looking for. The Samoyed dog breed is considered a working dog, but they are also one of the gentlest dogs you will ever meet. Below you will find information regarding care, characteristics, and training that is required for this breed.

The Samoyed dog is a rather large dog compared to other breeds. The male species reaches 45 to 65 pounds, with the female at 35- 50 pounds. You will find height is between 19 and 24 inches. They are either white, biscuit, cream, or a mix of those colors. Their coat is thick and often made up of a medium length to long fur. They also have an undercoat which is less soft, but provides them with plenty of warmth. Their coat often reminds individuals of wool. You will find they are a close relation to Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes. They have the same face shape, body type and of course the curled tail.

The Samoyed dog breed is very gently, active, and affectionate. These dogs also tend to be very loyal to their owners. Despite the loyalty they are not anti social or aggressive. They love to go up to almost anyone for petting and love. They are sweet natured in temper. You will find they can bark to alert you of approaching cars or people, but lack the necessary skills to be great guard dogs. You will also find because of their sweet temper they do well with children. They don’t mind a little rough behavior, but rather look out for the children. You will also find that the Samoyed can do well with cats and other dogs, but smaller passive animals may be in danger.

If you are interested in a dog breed that will complete your family and make you feel warm and safe you cannot do any worse than the sweet Samoyed. You will find that training can be a little difficult however. They can express a stubborn side when it comes to obedience. In this case you must be determined, consistent, and of course exhibit fairness. You will also need to provide a lot of different activities during training because they tend to become bored with the same activities. They do really well in cooler climates, which will help you keep them active. Part of training and care is going to be regular exercise for them. You need to allow them rest, but give them at least two hours of outdoor play time a day with walks, and toys. Warm weather is okay, but keep in mind they were raised for cooler temperatures and they will shed more.

The rest of the care for these animals of course includes proper water and food during playtime and after. You will also need to groom them on a daily basis. They need to have their coats brushed to get rid of tangles, matting, and of course dead or loose hair. You will find that the coat does trap dirt, but bathes aren’t really necessary as long as you keep them brushed. You may want to ask the breeder about giving them bathes to see how frequently it could be warranted. Most often dogs have trouble with bathes due to sensitive skin. A breeder should be able to answer any grooming questions you have about them. You can also speak with a vet for what to expect when you bring a Samoyed dog into your family. You should always contemplate the full requirements before adopting any dog breed.