K9 equipment

There are many items needed to train police dogs. At times all of the K9 equipment can be overwhelming. Many items are used to train not only police dogs, but basic obedience and agility. Here are the main pieces of K9 equipment and a brief description of each.

One of the main pieces of K9 equipment that you will need when training a police dog is a good, strong lead. Look for one with a substantial clip to attach to the dog’s collar. You certainly do not want the clip breaking in the middle of a training exercise. A leather leash is often preferred as it is easy to use and very strong. You should have at least two leads. One should be longer to allow the dog some freedom of movement and for general exercise. The second lead should be very short as it grants maximum control. The right leads are very important, so make sure you choose wisely.

A good collar is also an important part of K9 equipment. When you are training your dog, many people prefer a choke collar. A nylon choke collar does a nice job because it does not pull the dog’s hair. Stainless steel choke collars are also popular and are very durable. After the dog is trained, you should get a custom made harness for when the dog is working.

When training a police dog, having a protection sleeve is crucial. Choose one that fits your arm or can be adjusted for a good fit. Most protection sleeves have a bite bar in them to protect your arm. Be sure that the padding is flexible enough that the dog can get a good grip.

A grip developer is also needed. This is a device, often made of jute, that helps train the dog to get a good grip on it’s target. These grip developers have handles for the trainer to hold on to. They also make grip or bite developers for puppies who are transitioning to a bite sleeve.

Having several tugs is great to help reward your dog and to allow him to blow off steam. It can also help them learn how to get a good grip with their teeth. These tugs are made in a variety of materials. Some are made of leather, others of French linen, jute, and even fire hoses. Experiment with different ones to see what your dog prefers.

A muzzle fighting protection vest is another valuable piece of K9 equipment. This is particularly well suited to muzzle and up close work. This is a vest made of thick padding and durable covering to protect the trainers torso.

Lastly, most police dog trainers utilize a whip of some sort to motivate their dogs. You can get a hard stick with a leather or jute whip. Some manufacturers offer padded handles on their whips. It just depends on your preference.

There are many varieties of K9 training equipment available. Try several different styles and options until you find the right fit for your dog and you.