Socialization – Shaping Dog’s Personality

Did you know?: Most of a dog’s personality is formed from birth to 1 year of age.

It is very important that your puppy become accustomed to as many different things as possible during this time period if you want to bring out the best traits in him. Be sure to take him out often – show him all kinds of sites, sounds, animals and people. If you do, your puppy will grow up to be a much happier and friendlier member of your family.

  • Take care when introducing your puppy to other dogs.
  • Know your dog’s breed traits – if your breed is known to be aggressive, be careful when introducing him to other dogs.
  • A defensive growl is not “cute”!

If your puppy growls at friends or family, do not pick him up and cuddle him. It will be seen as a reward and he will learn that the appropriate reaction to fear is to growl. So what you say? Well, growling can lead to biting. You do not want to be responsible for your dog attacking/biting friends and family.

Instead you should tell him “No!” when he growls. Then slowly introduce him to the person so that he can see there is nothing to worry about.

Important: Puppies like to play, and may occasionally chew on your fingers – sometimes with a playful growl. Do not confuse this normal, playful behavior with the defensive fear growl.

If you have a baby, carefully allow your puppy to smell him so that he will get used to him. It will create the beginnings of the bond between your puppy and child. DO NOT tolerate growling when it comes to your child. It means that the puppy thinks he has a more dominant role in your family, and he is behaving as he would to a less dominant dog