Taking care of a small dog tips and suggestions

If you’re taking care of a small dog, the basics are much the same care as we would dogs of larger sizes, basics such as food, water, shelter and good deal of love. But it’s easier to prepare their meals since smaller portions are required and their smaller body size makes bathing and grooming easier, and the mess to clean up is smaller as well.

Food Tips For Taking Care Of A Small Dog

Dry food with small bits are the best choice for a smaller dog, because the bits are easier for them to bite and chew. Smaller dogs seem to have some difficulty with chewing larger bits of food since they have a smaller mouth. Their teeth can also break easier since their teeth are smaller than the teeth of larger dogs.

While taking care of a small dog, be sure to give them the appropriate portion of food, since some dogs will eat whatever food is in their bowl. Over eating can distend their stomachs and cause discomfort. One cup of food will usually suffice and provide all the nutrition they require.

Taking Care Of A Small Dog – Grooming Tips

Grooming basics are pretty much the same, regardless of the size. However, grooming a smaller dog is easier since it’s easier to

lift or turn them around. If your dog spends lots of time resting or you carry the dog around a lot, their nails should be trimmed more frequently. Their nails will wear down if your dog is more active or runs around a lot. The nails of larger dogs tend to wear down faster since they are heavier as well.

Another tip for taking care of a small dog is daily brushing. If you brush or groom them frequently, their hair doesn’t tangle as much, so it makes the job quicker and easier. The brushing routine is pretty much the same as it is for larger dogs, but you should brush more gently. When choosing a brush or comb, you should choose brushes and combs of a smaller size. In other words, choose a size that best fits the size of your dog. Also choose a brush with softer bristles since these are also more comfortable for the dog, and they don’t scratch the skin as much.

All in all, we can conclude that taking care of a small dog is a little different than the care afforded for larger dogs. One would think that a small dog is not as expensive since they don’t eat so much food and so on, but the owners of smaller dogs tend to pamper them more, so they might end up spending more on them.