Snowy white american eskimo

The American Eskimo is one of the most intelligent and trainable of the dog breeds. This dog was frequently used as a performer in traveling circuses. The dog is strikingly beautiful with a snowy white coat.

This member of the American Kennel Club’s non-sporting group was originally known as the American Spitz. This breed is descended from several strains of European dogs that came to the United States with their German owners.

Some of their descendents are Pomeranians and German Spitz. These dogs come in three sizes, the toy, the miniature and the standard. There is an American Eskimo to fit any size house or dog lover’s preference.

A thick double coat covers the dog. There is a ruff around their necks. The dog is also a graceful with a full tail that curls over their backs. The small, erect ears give them the appearance of being always on the alert. A black nose, black-rimmed eyes and black mouth provide a striking contrast with the breed’s snowy white coat.

The American Eskimo needs plenty of exercise. Be prepared to take your dog for nice long walks twice a day. This level of exercise will keep the dog lively and happy. The American Eskimo can live comfortably in an apartment or town home.

This breed is a perfect choice for a family with small children. With a playful, naughty personality, the American Eskimo enjoys the company of children and their friends.

The American Eskimo loves human interaction. This breed is not happy spending too much time alone. Doggie daycare is an option that will keep the dog active and involved with other dogs to provide company.

The American Eskimo will benefit from dog obedience classes. The American Eskimo is so intelligent that he will enjoy the structured training and will probably want to go to more advanced classes.

Some of the common health problems of the American Eskimo include:

Hip dysplasia is often a hereditary problem. You should consult the breeder for information on the level of screening for the parents. Seizures are also a concern for this breed.

The thick coat needs to be groomed once per week to remove loose hair and debris. Pay special attention to the toenails to be sure they are wearing down naturally.

The American Eskimo is strikingly beautiful. This breed is very smart and makes a loyal family pet.