Know if mastiff dogs are for you or not

For aspiring canine owners, knowing more about the different breeds must be an important factor in their decision-making. It is not advisable to just get a puppy without knowing its character and other important details about its breed. One of the popular breeds is the Mastiff. Mastiff dogs are generally confident and dignified type of dog breed. Though very gentle in nature, this type of dog is not recommended for people who are scared of big dogs. Mastiffs belong to a large breed that can stand between 27 to 33 inches and can weigh up to 91 kilograms. They don’t bark too often but are not too comfortable in the presence of strangers.

They tend to be protective of their family and territory. The character of a Mastiff Dog is not too obvious with its size. They may look big but they are actually gentle and friendly. They can even get along well with children. In the old times, Mastiffs were popular as good fighting dogs. However, as the years passed, they developed a better reputation among other pure breed dogs. Beginning then, they were known to be good family dogs and home guardians. Mastiffs are safe to mingle with especially around children, just make sure that the dog was properly trained in socializing.

Thus, obedience training is also a must for owners of Mastiff dogs. It will do great benefits if the dog was trained through healthy and consistent training methods. Just like any other breed, it may be difficult to teach tricks to an older Mastiff. So, it’s better to train them while they were young. Caring for Mastiffs requires a little more effort but not too complicated though. Their coat needs particular attention since they tend to shed more often. So, when this happens, you can use a rubber brush that will remove the dead or loose hairs. In terms of their health, they are more prone to elbow dysplasia and bloat.

You need to watch out for the symptoms of these illnesses. You may read about these illnesses and be prepared with what to do in case it happens. Furthermore, obesity is another thing that you need to watch out in your pet. Give your pet the proper exercise but do not overdo it. Make sure that he gets the right and appropriate nutrition that he needs for his age. Be strict in regulating the amount of food you give and the frequency of feeding since they are not really active dogs. Mastiffs prefer to stay indoors. Reading a guide to Mastiffs can truly prepare you of any health dangers that your Mastiff might encounter.

It is always better that you prepared all the time. If you would base on the history of Mastiff dogs, they can easily be tamed to become man’s best buddy. It will further prove that Mastiff dogs were a great part of mankind’s history and therefore have proven its adaptability to the society. Learn about Mastiff dogs and you’ll see how loyal and friendly they can be.