German shorthaired pointer, active hunt dog

The German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) was developed at the turn of the nineteenth century in Germany solely for the purpose of hunting. It is believe that there were quite a few dogs that went into creating this unique breed some of which include some German breeds such as the schweisshund, a German hound known for tracking, the Foxhound, different French hounds, assorted Scandinavian breeds, the German Bird Dog, and the Italian Pointer.

This breed is known for its ability to move quickly and with great strength. This is due to his very strong back legs that give him the ability to move rapidly and turn quickly if needed. His muzzle allows him to retrieve heavier game than most of the retrievers because it is strong and broad.

The German Shorthaired Pointer’s coat is water resistant due to his undercoat that is protected by guard hairs that are stiff. This also allows him to stay warm in even the coldest of weather. His color can vary, but is usually a dark brown, known as liver, black or both liver and black with some white mixed in. This mixed, darker coloring can make this breed harder to see in the winter seasons: a perfect dog for hunting without getting easily caught. When he is standing in snow and next to dead trees and shrubs, his white and brown coat camouflage him well.

The German Shorthaired Pointer can stand anywhere between twenty-one and twenty-five inches tall, categorizing him as a medium breed. Adults typically weigh anywhere from forty-five to seventy pounds and the female Pointer is usually a little bit shorter and slightly lighter than the male.

Although this gentle, obedient breed makes a great household pet, he needs to be trained at times to be affectionate and not “always on the hunt”. They are also very intelligent and bold. Generally speaking they are easy to train, but need a lot of attention as they can be easily distracted due to their superior scent ability. They have a tendency toward being stubborn, so early training is a necessity. Inherently, they are bred to hunt, so the ability to get much exercise and keep a high activity level is very important. He needs constant jobs to do due to his intense activity level. For everyday family life and having a GSP as a pet, this breed is recommended to be a friendly, fun and loyal addition to the family, who tend to be protective of young children. However, great care must be taken around young children because of their high energy and activity level.

If the German Shorthaired Pointer seems like they are hyperactive or very destructive, it is probably due to a lack of correct training or a lack of plenty of exercise. This breed develops very strong attachments and bondings with their owners and the families they are with. However, if they do not receive the correct amount of exercise, they will take it upon themselves to be sure that they do and thus have a potentially destructive tendency.

As the GSP is a large, active breed, the dogs can require quite a bit of food; however, they can also become obese if fed too much for individual activity levels. A healthy weight is that the last two ribs should be able to be felt under the coat and the dog should have a distinct and defined waist. Recommended feeding for the German Short haired Pointer is one and a half to two and a half cans of high-quality meaty product with biscuit added in equal parts or five cupfuls of a complete, dry dog food.