Important chihuahua info that you should know

Everyone knows the Chihuahua, thanks to the ‘Chihuahua Song’ ,Tinkerbell Hilton and many other movies like ‘Legally Blond’. The Chihuahua has always been on most dog lovers “favourite list.” The Chihuahua is so adorable that no one can resists it. But do not buy your Chihuahua on haste. There is some important Chihuahua info that you should know. Chihuahuas are considered as the smallest dog breed. Because of its unique size, there are many precautions and safety measures that you must adhere to if you want to keep you Chihuahua living strong and healthy.

As you know, the Chihuahua is only 6-9 inches tall, and weighs a mere 6lbs. These small figures can tell us very well that Chihuahuas are extremely small creatures! So, it is important that you look after these fragile creatures very carefully.

Try not to let your Chihuahua have access to areas where there are high surfaces. Chihuahuas are very adventurous creatures. They love to explore in and out of the house and this causes them to climb on any surface if you do not stop them. If your Chihuahua falls from a height, it might be severely injured. Chihuahuas deserve your attention 24/7 so try to keep them under your nose at all times.

Some Chihuahuas love high surfaces. So, if you are not reluctant, you can set up a ramp instead to allow your Chihuahua have access to its high rise nesting place and such.

You might have seen Chihuahuas that go barking unnecessarily whenever it sees a stranger passing by. Well, not all Chihuahuas are like that. It is actually up to the owner to discipline the Chihuahua and this should start from young.

All sorts of training, which includes house training and potty training, should start almost immediately. Just like kids, pups learn best when they are taught and moulded from young. When it comes to training, you got to be mentally prepared. You got to learn to stay patient throughout.

Remember, do not scream or yell at your Chihuahua while you are training it. By doing so, you are making it more timid and hence it would be too scared to obey you. If you have kids at home, remind them not to hurt the pup. If they do, the pup will learn to be very aggressive when people approach it, and eventually it will bite you in its defence.

So, for best results, try to be patient and give praises and gifts when the Chihuahua does something good. You can try to use food as little praises. Using food is usually the best method.

Chihuahuas are very loving creatures. They can also get easily jealous when they sense the presence of other dogs. In order to prevent it from attacking other dogs, try to discipline him as much as possible. Disciplining him will make him learn how to socialize with people and other dogs. Hence, you are spared from the unnecessary barking.

Chihuahuas are loving creatures. If you are prepared to give your 100% attention to a dog, then Chihuahua should be the right breed for you. They even fit nicely in your handbag so now, you have a new shopping partner.