How to Train a Watchdog

The main task of a watchdog is to guard the things and protect children. An excellent watchdog can calmly guard against the enemies and notice its master by barking. It can also drive the unexpected guest to the corner until its master comes. All these skills are very valuable.


However, the dogs which like attacking people are incompetent to look after the house. When training a watchdog, teach the dog to lie on the entrance and order it to watch the door. No matter who wants to pass through, he must have permitted by the master.

Try the following

At the beginning of the training, you may ask an unknown helper to pretend the guest who comes into the house without your permission. At this time, you can order your dog to bark at him. If he still doesnt stop, then you can order the dog to bite his clothes but not bite the guest.

If nobody is in the house, you can teach your dog to guard and forbid anybody to enter privately. When training, you also need a helper to enter your room and you must hide yourself. If your dog   doesnt bark at the helper, you can punish it and tell it to take care. After repeated training, your dog will naturally shoulder this duty.

If unexpected guest comes and has something to do, but you feel uneasy about him, you can let your dog to follow him. No matter he goes away or sit down, your dog must follow closely. If he touches things, the dog can bark at him and bite his clothes.

Its better to train the watchdog to understand our language. It must be not only a good watchdog, but also a polite usher. It can do all kinds of things agilely, and is good at observing and obeys the master.